Am I a feminist?

It seems to have become somewhat unfashionable to describe oneself as a feminist in 2013 and I can’t help but wonder why? As a modern woman do I expect to have it all? To have men open doors and pull out chairs for us then to be able to drink pints and have equal pay. I wonder if maybe it is us women who have confused the men in our society?

Of course women should have equal opportunities to men in the work place and having children should not mean a glass ceiling which stops our careers although we must be realistic if we take time off to have children it may delay our progression. Our priorities may change too after having children, career plans may not be as important…. Although feminism means that we have the ability to choose if indeed we want a relationship or children at all.

The gender differences are seen possibly most obviously in societies perception of the way the particular gender acts or dresses.

Men are still in 2013 seen to be the providers or the ‘jack the lad’ character who enjoys a drink maybe, possibly even the stronger sex emotionally.

Women are often seen as the weaker sex and are sometimes judged if they are seen drunk or drinking excessively, they are often judged for what they wear.

A couple of years ago in Canada a police chief said that women who wore short skirts and or drink alcohol are sluts who ask to be raped.

Yes you read that correctly.

And so the ‘Slutwalk’ movement formed where women from that city in Canada were so angry they marched through the centre dressed in what would be viewed as being provocative clothing in an attempt to reclaim the word ‘Slut’.

The Slutwalk movement spread fast and now cities throughout the world will have women walking their high streets in their underwear to make people sit up and take notice of their cause.

The Slutwalk movement made me consider what other differences society just accepts as ok when they are not ok. Rape is never ok but societies views on it never fail to disgust me.

We teach our daughters how not to be raped, we tell them not to walk home alone at night, not to wear short skirts, to be careful with their drinks so as not to be spiked.

As a society how to we teach our sons not to rape? More often than not we don’t.

It is not a short skirt that causes rape. It is the rapist.
It is not being drunk that causes rape. It is the rapist.
It is not walking home alone that causes rape. It is the rapist.

So I am willing to stand up and be counted and say yes I am a feminist and I am proud of that…. Although I’m happy to wear a bra and have no intention of burning mine!

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