Bad day or unwell?

Bad day? Or unwell?

It may seem like the most simple thing in the world to know whether you have had a bad day or whether you are unwell with a relapse of mental illness. It’s not easy at all.
I’m not sure why I get so worked up about this issue maybe it’s fear that I am becoming depressed again? To a point the reason is not important it is the way I deal with it that matters.

It takes so much energy on a daily basis to keep on top of managing my mental health. On a simplistic level it means taking my medication each morning through to the more complex task of watching out for triggers and for signs and symptoms of relapse. The triggers can be things like over tiredness or reading an article in a newspaper, but I need to keep on top of them and ensure that they are not able to gain control over me.
Signs of relapse can be so varied that they can be difficult to spot. I am fortunate that my friends and family, especially my fab husband, are great at spotting the small changes in me. Changes can be a sense of distraction and disengagement from social activities, my husband says when I am unwell I often stare into space. If I start becoming restless and not sleeping my husband also tends to worry, if I become over tired I can notice change in my mood very quickly, depending upon other factors such as how my life in other areas can depend whether I dip in mood or whether I go beyond tiredness and feel no need for sleep becoming quite manic. Neither end of the pole is a good place for me to be or for my family to see me.
Rationalising is vital as if it is just a bad day I need to recognise that rather than dwell on it and allow myself to go downhill….

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