The best mum in the world…?

Mother’s Day, like Father’s Day, is a day which until I had my own child I dreaded. It has its own meaning now I am a mother and receive a card and treat, it’s a day to make me smile widely to show my pride at being a mammy.
Nearly all of the cards address ‘The best mother in the world’ and when that is not how you feel it seriously narrows the choice available to choose one. It’s not that I don’t love my mother, I do love her I just don’t feel that she deserves the title of Worlds Best Mother.
Both of my parents let me down in differing but equally painful ways during my childhood, one abandoned me and the other failed to keep me safe. I feel very confused emotionally by my family at times, maybe that’s why I am so keen to keep my own little family together and why we are such a strong little unit.
I believe in forgiveness and I do forgive my parents, although I doubt I will ever forget but I also need to be true to myself with the Mothers Day greeting I offer.
Happy Mother’s Day folks…

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