Whilst there is life there is hope…

A few people have said to me that I should write down my life story, until now I have discounted their suggestion as I could not see a reason other than fascination why anyone would want to read about me. I now realise however that I have something wonderful to offer through my life story; hope. My life isn’t perfect but it shows that no matter what a person has to go through if you keep trying it can get easier. Memories can become less raw, in my case they do still catch me off guard on occasions but even then they are not as painful as they once were. I am able to challenge my thoughts and turn those memories into a positive by telling myself that I survived whatever memory has surfaced and that I am worthy of leaving that part of my life behind.
My life has been funny at times too, sometimes I laugh that its like living in a sit com on TV, I have lived with a terrorist (I didn’t know!), worked in a bank in the middle of a red light district at 18 and nearly ended up in prison for trying to join a library and they are just some of my tales of my years!
So I think I will begin to tell my story, and if it gives one person hope then it will be worth it. I have a tattoo with the Latin words for ‘whilst there is life there is hope’ and I live everyday with that as my mantra. Dum vita est spes est.

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