Was Larkin right?

Did Phillip Larkin have it covered when he penned his famous poem which was entitled ‘They fuck you up your mum and dad’?
I know that my own father emigrating and sending me a post card to say he had moved and my mother choosing her emotionally abusive husband over her child who was already vulnerable did have a profound impact upon my adult life but I feel comfortable that I have processed the emotions linked to my own childhood. I have enough insight to know that whether someone has the seemingly perfect childhood or if someone has some dreadful experiences those experiences all help us from the person we become.
What worries me is the sheer enormity of the task of being a parent myself. I worry every day that my inadequacies will reflect upon my own daughter. I couldn’t bear her looking back and thinking that I have let her down emotionally. I try so hard to let her become her own person, to guide her and let her develop her own robustness which will stand her in good stead in her adult life.
The enormity of parenting is overwhelming at times, let’s hope Larkin got it wrong!

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