Things that make me smile :)

I like books, the kindle may be ‘handy’ but it doesn’t smell like a book. I love buskers, they make me smile when the sky is grey and the commute is overcrowded. I love burlesque, those ladies know they are sexy and flaunt that; if God had meant boobs to stay still he wouldn’t have made them jiggly 😉 Just wish I had the confidence to jiggle my stuff without causing an earthquake… If I had to pick a favourite animal it would be the unicorn… Of course they exist! Or possibly the sloth, the main cause of death for sloth’s is them grabbing onto their own arm thinking it was a tree branch and falling to their death; who couldn’t love a creature THAT stooooopid?!?!
I love the Wizard of Oz and also Alice in Wonderland, I can spend hours making mental lists of who I would rather be best friends with; Dorothy or Alice? I still can’t decide. I like gin. I don’t have it often these days but there is nothing more perfect than a gin and tonic with a slice of lime being put in your hand when it’s least expected.
Most of all in the whole world I love my little family. My husband and my perfect little girl who continues to amaze me every time she opens her mouth.

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