Tattooed lady


I love that it surprises people when I tell them I have tattoos. I love that I give an idea of who I am and what I am about out then seem to turn it on it’s head when they realise I have lots of ink!

All my tattoos are in places that I can cover if I want to. My first tattoo is of a strawberry and is on my lower abdomen. I got off the bus one day and was a bit early for where I was going and it was raining so the spontaneity of youth (or possibly a bit of mental illness lol) took over and I stayed dry in the local tattoo parlor!
I went in, pointed at the strawberry on the wall and lay back to hear for the first time in my life the addictive buzz of the tattoo gun.
My second one was when I was on a diet and went out to buy a sandwich one lunch time but to avoid making the purchase of said sandwich thus avoiding the calories contained within it. So I walked in another tattoo parlor and got a smallish black ink tattoo on the base of my spine (yes ladies and gents I have a tramp stamp!).
The third tattoo I got was when I was hypomanic and after struggling to keep quiet the whole way through an exam let alone concentrate upon it (miraculously I passed quite well!). When the exam was over I left and and spent the afternoon shopping, chatting to every shop assistant for as long as I could get away with and also got a tattoo. I had ‘Dum vita est spes est’ inked on my ribs which translated from Latin means ‘Whilst there is life there is hope’.
My final tattoo is the only one I have spent time planning. I LOVE this piece, I told the artist what I wanted and he designed it for me. It incorporates the Latin writing in my previous tattoo as well.
I got the magicians hat/rabbit to represent my husband who is a magician and the apple to represent my daughter who is called Eve. The theatre masks represent my battles with my mental health and the playing card values show our wedding anniversary so as you can see it is meaningful. The artist asked if I wanted greyscale or colour and I opted without hesitation for colour, life is too short not to experience colour in my opinion.
This piece of ink covers from my bra line to my hips right down my right side and I love that I can have such vast areas covered in tattoo work but that it’s not something everyone knows about. I think a small part of me still likes to surprise people 🙂

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