Coastal therapy anyone?


I was sat at home preparing a presentation I have to give tomorrow at university dipping custard creams in my coffee and wondering whether I could provide myself with sufficient excuse to not go to bootcamp class tonight. It’s only my excuse for me, it’s only me I need to justify it to but still it needs to be a good reason or I’d have to force myself to go.
My brain was dulled and my eyes sore from staring at the laptop screen so I decided I needed some fresh air. I needed to blow the cobwebs away and the gale force wind out here has certainly done that!
I pulled on some track suit bottoms and a waterproof jacket and imessaged my hubby to say to ring me when he finished work whilst I was still at home with wifi as my mobile has been cut off due to not having the money to pay it. I had to prioritise our home broadband bill as I need that for study. Hopefully he will call me when he finishes at 4.30 to arrange to collect me from wherever my legs have taken me. I am writing this blog at the top of a cliff overlooking one of the many beautiful bays on the North East coast. The ocean is ferocious, accepting no prisoners as it lashes up against the harbour walls and cliff sides. It takes absorbs the beach angrily leaving it’s white foamy residue lingering for seconds each time before the next wave the way ice cream lingers on children’s faces on that same beach in the summer time. I can feel the sting on my face from the salty spray in the air and the wind blowing against me as I try to fight my way through the weather. Sweat trickles down my back although it is icy cold conditions due to the exertion of the power walking. I realise how aware I am of every sense I have, I realise how lucky I am to live by the sea and to be free to enjoy it as often as I want.
My presentation is based upon a ‘service improvement’ I introduced during my last practice placement and although I am thrilled that the referral pathway I developed to ease the partnership working between the acute trust and the mental health trust is working well part of me wishes that seaside walks during bracing weather being introduced for all service users who are able to ‘blow away some cobwebs’ was something I had been able to introduce instead.
Coastal therapy has a certain ring to it I think…
Doing the bracing walk where the wind assaults every part of your body and makes tears roll from your eyes without feelings of upset with a trained listener such as a nurse would be even better. It would provide a great way to demonstrate the theory that we all experience the same thoughts and feelings just sometimes mental illness distorts how intense those feelings are. My fingers are numb I can hardly hold this phone but I feel awesome and I have fought my way against the elements for around five miles so given myself enough reason to stay home and put my daughter to bed myself tonight, to not rush to bootcamp and come home when she is tucked up in dreamland.
So I shall head off again now with a fresh set of thoughts for my presentation tomorrow singing along to a bit of 90’s dance safe in the knowledge that the roar of the ocean and the whir of the wind will drown out my embarrassingly tuneless and slightly out of breath singing until my husband calls to arrange to pick me up and take me home.

4 thoughts on “Coastal therapy anyone?

  1. Wonderful post. I live in the middle of everywhere, close to nowhere. I think the nearest seashore is Boston/Skegness though I’ve never been there. I have been to Wales a few times and could spend so much time watching the sea. My dream location for a house would be one with a view across sea.
    It isn’t often I envy anyone but you being so close to the sea I do. I’m glad you are able to enjoy it and make it work for you.


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