An ode to Jeremy Hunt from a tired Mental Health Nurse….

Here’s to our nurses who go the extra mile

Who want to do more but are stopped by exhaustion

Exhaustion which roars like a fast moving train

Only slowed by a love which helps them plough through the pain.

The pain isn’t physical, sometimes it is

The pain is saying no when we want to say yes

The pain is toeing the party line when we want to express

Express that we also don’t think it fair that their wait is so long when they are ready to share.

The pain IS exhaustion itself, missing family meals from staying to listen,

We want to listen we want to hear we want to make your pain disappear.

Your pain is in your heart and in your soul deep.

We want to stand with you a comfort as you weep.

We want to wipe away your tears and tell you all will be ok

To walk with you on a recovery journey but we are stifled by fear.

Our fear is about that fast moving train, the roar of exhaustion taking the blame.

The real blame lies with those in Westminster.

Blame is easy to portion and hard to shift but those saying speak out, talk, are not delivering the gift.

The gift of funding we need to unwrap to help us to nurse with our hearts and not simply shift.

Shift the blame to exhaustion and you blame the nurse

The nurse hears the roar of the train and tries to work harder the only thing helping being their NHS armour.

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